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I started blogging in February 2005, when I was living in Oman.
Then I used livejournal and my blog got the name tobioman.

It was natural for me to write the blog in Russian, since I wanted to share my impressions of Oman with all my Russian friends.

Since then, I have been living and working in several places: Bulgaria, Oman (once more!), Azerbaijan, and now UAE (In addition, I have also lived a couple of shorter periods during this time in Moscow and Sweden).

This year, 2011 I started publishing some poetry on the Swedsh site poeter.se, mainly in Swedish. Several friends demanded access to the same texts in Russian and/or English. Then I decided to launch my own, tri-lingual site..

I’ve imported most of the material from the Russian blog. I have now added new translations into English and/or Swedish for some of the old Russian articles. So, if you find Swedish or English content on this site, which is dated before March 2011, then you’re actually reading a fresh translation.

Nevertheless, this site contains a lot of material, which is served only in Russian. If you don’t read Russian, then you may still get a good feeling for what I’m writing about through Google Translate. (Have a look at http://translate.google.com/translate_buttons for a link/button you can add to your favourites for convenient translation of web content.) Since my site already uses special adaptation to support multiple languages, I can’t find any convenient way to integrate “google translate” directly on my pages, but I’m sure you’ll still manage to get it working.

Finally: You’re so welcome! Feel free to register on the site and comment. It’s more fun writing when you receive feed back from your readers!

3 thoughts on “About this site

  1. Ambitiös sajt! Kategorier och taggar är fantastiska hjälpmedel för att organisera sitt blogginnehåll.

  2. Tack för ditt uppmuntrande tillrop.
    Från den gamla bloggen har jag ärvt en brokig samling taggar, men för att ge lite struktur tänker jag åtminstone försöka hålla ordning på lite kategorier.

  3. Тоби ты УМНИЧКА!!!!!!!! Шикарный сайт!!!!! Так держать!!!!

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