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Ice and Gold

The Golden Age of life is NOW

Longing for or dwelling on yesterday
Is like watching life through glasses,
scratched like the surface of an ice hockey rink
just before the break.

To just live for tomorrow
is like constantly reaching for
beautiful jewels,
which turns out to be crystals of ice,
melts in your hand
and pours away.


You’ll find your own gold vein,
if you manage to live NOW,

but still keep your wisdom
from yesterday and

knowing where you want to be


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Words are like dancing nocturnal moths

I wake up in the middle of the night
The words fly towards me,
swirl around me
like moths
around a lantern
in a late summer night.

Disordered dance,
neither Jenka nor disco .

Possibly Square Dance:
I realize that to some extent
I can control the words
and their order
like the Caller:
Allemande Left;
Heads Promenade!

Confused, I write
a few lines
and go back to sleep.

In the morning
I discover silver dust
on my hands.

The delicate words
have colored my fingers.
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Contemplating pathfinder

KraKra Creek Park (Dubai, May 2011)
KraKra Creek Park (Dubai, May 2011)
The trickiest thing about
finding your way in life

is not how to use map and compass,

and it is not to run fast enough
despite small wounds and pain in the feet.


The biggest hurdle is to realise
How easy life is,
as soon as you get it
that you’re the one
who draws both your map
and your reality!