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tombstoneOVPDJuan had his favourite phrase, which he used in almost all situations. However, although he had lived many years in Sweden and spoke Swedish fluently, this phrase was in Spanish. He didn’t feel right about using it in another language.

I heard the phrase for the first time when the neighbours son was learning to ride the bicycle and just hit the ground for the third time:

“Inténtalo otra vez pero diferente” – Try one more time, but differently.

Yes, it was that easy. If you really want to achieve something, but don’t succeed, stop for a moment, think about what you were doing and how you could do it in a different way, and then – try again!

The neighbour’s son managed the bicycle. Of course he got his share of bumps and bruises, but I’ve got a feeling that he saved many tears, compared to other children. Somehow you just don’t need to cry that much when you calmly note the fact that you’ve just fallen another time and are busy figuring out what you could change for next attempt.

I heard Juan whisper the same words to himself when he just lost his job… and when his thin pancakes came out as an overfried and gluey mess.

But it turned out that his wisdom not only was applied to disasters. When the company he had started had such a success that it was acquired and he got so much money that he could have retired at the age of 45, he said exactly the same thing “Otra vez pero diferente”! He already nurtured ten new ideas and was thinking which one would be most interesting to turn into reality as his next project.

When he turned 50 I gave him a couple of specially designed cuff links with the letters O.V.P.D. that he was wearing whenever he had an opportunity. Not for that long, though, since his illness took over.

But I believe we’re going to see more of him. As he was lying in his bed during his final stage of life, he looked so calm and settled that I was almost immediately convinced that our souls are reborn and he somehow knew about this, when he winked at me and pronounced what turned out to be his final words:

“Otra vez pero diferente!”

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PS! Juan is a fictive person, just as much as the image was generated.

To Irina

(This text isn’t too easy to translate, since I make use of some double meanings. But I’ll try to give you something better than an automated translation, at least. 🙂 )

On you your birthday, you not only complete another year
You make decades
and days more complete
by filling them with life
joy of life
and energy

You not only complete another of your years,
you comple years of other people
days of other people
other peoples’ lives
with direction
with strength
with meaning
with … life.

You not only complete another year today
You make life more complete
… every day


Two flowers
Until now, everything was going perfectly. Eric was quickly moving ahead in the game “Life”. But now he found himself in front of three doors. There was a sign above them, which read: “The choice you make here, will impact the rest of your life”.

He took a pause. Searched hints on the net, but without success. So he put it aside until the next day.

When he launched the game again, he saw the doors again. But the text on the sign had changed. Now it said: “Each of the doors was leading ahead, but you decided to stay!”

This text was written in the genre “100 words”. It’s a small short story containing exactly 100 words.
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Disconnected telecom – to be continued

Today, phone and internet are just as important, as any other part of your body. I don’t say this, because I’ve been working in telecoms for 20 years. I simply can’t (just like you) imagine a life without these means for study, work, news and fun.

Or, I couldn’t imagine, until the telecom operator Telefonica “helped” me, by leaving us without phone and internet for an extended period of time.

Yes, friends did warn us: Be careful with telecom operators in Spain. It’s easy to get stuck in a complicated situation; especially if you’re dealing directly with Telefonica (which operates under the brand name Movistar). It should be said that most of the alternative providers have to rent the access line from the same Telefonica, but then, at least, you won’t be fighting with them directly yourself. The other provisders aren’t much sweeter, but that’s another story. Continue reading Disconnected telecom – to be continued

Ice and Gold

The Golden Age of life is NOW

Longing for or dwelling on yesterday
Is like watching life through glasses,
scratched like the surface of an ice hockey rink
just before the break.

To just live for tomorrow
is like constantly reaching for
beautiful jewels,
which turns out to be crystals of ice,
melts in your hand
and pours away.


You’ll find your own gold vein,
if you manage to live NOW,

but still keep your wisdom
from yesterday and

knowing where you want to be


Photos of snow crystals, William Bentley 1902 Continue reading Ice and Gold