My dad was driving the bus when Tomas Tranströmer went to heaven

There’s a recording of this text (in Swedish) above.

Per-Ove, my dad, felt at ease in road traffic.

For many years he worked as driving instructor. And when they lived a few years in Hagfors, he was driving heavy lorries.

But I believe he felt the very best when he was driving the bus. Most of the time, he managed to solve the tricky equation really well: Be on time, but at the same time drive softly, and don’t start moving until that old lady with a walking stick is securely seated… And never, ever, ever go over the speed limits. At the same time, he was happy to spread plenty of smiles and nice words, even at five AM, when they can be the most powerful.

So dad was assigned the task to drive the bus to heaven on March 26. He left his tired, aching and itching body behind and went to prepare the bus. It was already clean and shining, but he carefully polished the rear mirror, so that he could take a really long glance at us, who remained behind and below.

First, he went to Stockholm. On Heaven’s motorway the sun was shining and visibility was perfect in all directions, so he got there in just about a quarter of an hour. He stopped next to the church Sofia Kyrka and welcomed the ten passengers of today on board. Last, Tomas Tranströmer approached, running at full speed, so that his white hair was waving around his head. Obviously, he was so happy to not suffer any more from all types of aches and partial paralysis.

Dad reached for the microphone and asked all passengers to find a good seat and fasten their seatbelts. He added “From now on, nobody forces you to use the seatbelts, but after all, they’re still provided. And be reminded that on Heaven’s motorway, I’ll be driving much faster, than ever before!”

And off they went. The bus functioned so well, that they decided to make a trip around all Earth. Dad even stopped for a short rest in Salalah, in Southern Oman, where he many years earlier visited Job’s tomb.

By evening, they reached their destination. The passengers thanked him, and went further where they were heading. Per-Ove started wondering, where he should put the bus. But the very moment he turned of the main power key, the bus simpy dissolved. “You may keep the key, as a souvenir, if you wish. Otherwise, you may simply hand it over to Saint Peter”, God whispered to him.

As the sun was setting, Dad sat for a while on a bench on a lawn and gazed out over a beautiful lake. He felt great gratitude for everything. Now was a moment for rest. After all, the next day, something completely different was about to start.

My dad and Tomas Tranströmer passed away on the same date, March 26 2015. May they rest in peace!

2 thoughts on “My dad was driving the bus when Tomas Tranströmer went to heaven

  1. Thank you for sharing your poetic writing. The whole thought was very beautiful.
    Thank you for the excellent translation.
    So sorry for the loss of your precious father and for Gun’s special man.

    Where will your dad be interred ?

    Cousin Cynthia

  2. Good parents teach us to love and that love causes us the most hurt.
    My dad “Jim” has been gone for a while now but it seems like yesterday that I could talk with him. I look forward to heaven when I can talk with him again. I understand your heart Tobi.

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