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Disconnected telecom – to be continued

Today, phone and internet are just as important, as any other part of your body. I don’t say this, because I’ve been working in telecoms for 20 years. I simply can’t (just like you) imagine a life without these means for study, work, news and fun.

Or, I couldn’t imagine, until the telecom operator Telefonica “helped” me, by leaving us without phone and internet for an extended period of time.

Yes, friends did warn us: Be careful with telecom operators in Spain. It’s easy to get stuck in a complicated situation; especially if you’re dealing directly with Telefonica (which operates under the brand name Movistar). It should be said that most of the alternative providers have to rent the access line from the same Telefonica, but then, at least, you won’t be fighting with them directly yourself. The other provisders aren’t much sweeter, but that’s another story. Continue reading Disconnected telecom – to be continued