Safa Park (Dubai), April 2011
Safa Park (Dubai), April 2011
The air was heavy, almost impossible to breathe.

Somehow, I went the wrong way, and ended up on a construction site. Or, so far, they were rather tearing down, than constructing anything.

A guy in protection mask showed up and walked up to me. He asked how I could have missed the fact that everything was changed more than a month ago and this way was closed.

He showed me how to get out and get further.

In my hand, I had a bunch of tacks. But I needed to find something else. I thought to myself, that I can’t enter sharp tacks into Google, so I threw them out to the side, on the concrete floor. Then I jumped down about one meter and went out.

At this moment, I woke up, feeling that everything will be just fine. I felt serenity, happiness and a positive assurance again.

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