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Cactus park at Montjuic, Barcelona (April 2011)
Cactus park at Montjuic, Barcelona (April 2011)
Dear Universe

Someone told me the hour for requests just started.

So here are some requests of mine. Hope you’re OK with them.

Help me to understand people.
Help people to understand me.
(or help me to express myself better,
if that’s easier. Or maybe you can do both)

Help people to understand each other better.
I hope this will make wars end.
Otherwise, please help to finish all wars, too.

Help me and us to better understand ourselves.
(Oh! I guess I should have started with this one,
as I think of it, this one is just soo important)

Help us to see how everything we do,
everything we decide,
everything we think or believe,
everything we wish…
… has a direct impact on everything alive on this planet.

Let us be healthy.

Help us to find our mirror,
our twin souls
and share our life with them, in order to
give and receive happiness and meaning of life.

And on my private level:
You know where I want to live, with whom.
Please help me to lead a wonderful life
with my family,
a life where I have everything I can wish for,
where I can love my life and my living,
and I can be just as creative as I can be.
(I think you excuse the pun…)

Guess that are the main points.
Please tell me if I can help in any way!


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