Where to find a nodding dog toy?

Flowerbed in Safa Park, Dubai
Flowerbed in Safa Park, Dubai
Where can I find a nodding dog toy? I might have use of one.

Do you remember the “Nodding dog” toys?
In Sweden, they’d be sold at gas stations and some other places:

A headless dog body in plastic with a loop in the neck. In the loop a separate head (with a counterweight) was hanging from a hook.

The larger model would reside on your desk. When you felt like it, you’d touch its head, and it would start nodding or shaking.

There were smaller models, as well, that you’d find fastened on the dashboard in those cars, where a bunch of once-good-smelling paper trees would hang from the rear mirror. Here, the head would move around by itself, as induced by the movements of the car. (It was, of course, still possible to touch the dog’s head, too, if you really wanted to.)

So here’s my idea:

There’s so much information that I really don’t need to know. If I turn on the TV, I may end up in a Russian talk show about an elderly woman, who was totally drunk and put her own house on fire.

The tabloids are fighting about who brings the blackest news (in terms of both ink and content).

Wouldn’t it be nice, if I had someone to ask for advice? “Do I really need to listen to / read this, or not?” Then I would carefully touch the side of the dogs head, so that it would shake its head at me. Next, I can turn off the TV, throw the newspaper away or hang up with a clear conscience.

But, until further notice, I guess I’ll have to take responsibility myself for what crap I don’t want into my own life. That’s also a working option.

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  1. Hi there, I have been just looking for the same, bought the first on the road (Johannesburg, SA) then in a Chinese toy shop and ordered a few now on internet ” nodding toys”. Hopefully it’s the right ones.

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