The photographer

Safa Park, Dubai 23 April 2011
Safa Park, Dubai 23 April 2011

The manual to my camera was lacking to most important page, so I decided to add that text myself:

See with your heart.

Love what you see!

Be open-minded and patient.

Press the trigger carefully and with love.

Be generous – take many pictures.
(Remember, earlier, a photographer might use a full film in just a couple of minutes, now you can reuse the memory cards, over and over!)

Allow yourself to see that some of your pictures are really good.

Be proud!

3 thoughts on “The photographer

  1. Så sant! Älskar man inte det man ser, kommer man inte heller att kunna avbilda det på ett bra sätt.

    1. 1. Krama objektet
      2. Krama objektivet
      3. Krama avtryckaren
      4. Krama objektet en gång till 🙂

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