Bach, Sven and a Grand Piano in the parish community building

Flying birds at sunset (Dubai, 2011-04-23)
Flying birds at sunset (Dubai, 2011-04-23)
I’ve written several times about “Air on the G string” by Bach. Let me tell you how it all began.

After playing English flute for one year, we eight-year-old pupils, were allowed to test a wide selection of different musical instruments one day towards the end of the spring term. All rooms in the building for gymnastics classes were occupied by musical instructors and intruments.

A couple of days later we got their suggestion. The municipality music schoold recommended that the boy Tor-Björn should continue with percussion instruments (drums) or clarinet. We opted for clarinet. I continued attending clarinet lessons throughout primary school. My teacher’s name was Sven. He was a bit odd, but I liked him.

Sven tought me more, than just playing the clarinet. He showed me how to relate to live in a more open and natural way.

I remember, for example once 7th or 8th grade. I came into the room where we should have our clarinet class, but I didn’t see Sven. But then he called on me. He had laid down on his back under a table and told me it was relaxing: try yourself! Obviously, he had had a stressful day.

Well, about Bach. When we were getting closer to the pupils’ concert in the parish community building we decided that I was going to play the very slow piece “Air on the G string” by Bach and he would accompany on the grand piano.
But, when he started the preludium, he was executing it roughly twice as fast as he should!
So I went up to him and said: Let’s do it as we practiced, one, two, three… Forget about the audience, they are all nice people. So: breathre. And let’s start over.

It went really well.

Sven! I know that you left the earthly life many years ago. But I’d like you to know that I think about you, I like you, and I’m very grateful for all you taught me.

Pity, I didn’t become really good at playing the clarinet. (But boy I can sing!)

2 thoughts on “Bach, Sven and a Grand Piano in the parish community building

  1. De bästa lärarna är nog de som bibringar eleverna andra kunskaper än de som står i läroplanen. Som lärare inser jag att det inte är möjligt att nå alla elever på det sättet, men förhoppningsvis kan alla nå någon!

    1. Där hade nog musikskolan en särställning, eftersom det handlar om mycket små grupper eller rentav individuell undervisning.
      I grupper på 20-30 elever är det så långt mycket svårare att hitta fram till var och en.

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