The blackbird, who cuts chains

Last day in Oman
Last day in Oman
Woke up early

Went to the gym

Good, soft music in my ears





My body works, sweating

Feel the joy pour into my body from the sun, which is shining right on my face


No TV is needed.
I concentrate my view on the three antennas right in front of me, on the opposite side of the heavy window glass.
Enjoying the sun.

The body continues working.

My thoughts are flying


A blackbird sits down on the aerial to the left
Sits there for a long time
Watches me
Sings, is probably trying to say something to me.

But, even if I’d pull the soft music out of my ears,
I wouldn’t hear the bird. Too thick a window.

I watch the bird. And feel.

“Let your soul be free.
Let your thoughts travel more freely than I’m able to fly.
You can. I know.
Pull your anchor.
Let your fantasy run wherever it wants.
Cheered by Mother Sun.
Enjoy. Enjoy even more!”

I think “Thanks” –
and then the blackbird flies further,
to cut the anchor cable of another soul.

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